Ken MacLean Testimony:
was raised in a traditional Christian home by parents who were active in their local church. At the age of nine I received JESUS as my personal saviour.

While in high school I joined the
Living Word Singers with whom I was given the opportunity to travel, fellowship and learn from ministry experiences across our country.
I first took the pulpit at the Kearny Gospel Chapel while still in my teens.  Shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to preach to the homeless and broken, on Mothers Day,  at the New York City Mission (formerly the Water Street Mission, founded by Jerry McCauley).

After taking collegiate Bible courses, I began to guest preach at many area Churches By the age of twentyfour, I was blessed to teach on a weekly missionary radio program which was broadcast across the Caribbean, plus parts of South America and the southern USA.

Since that time I have had occasion to work with such great Christian musicians as
Bill and Renee Morris, Mike Deasy, Beverly Abel
and the

In my thirties I entered a dark period of life. In deep depression I became isolated and dropped out of fellowship, work and graduate school; but, GOD did not give up on me!!!! Through a series of dramatic miracles, blended with little nudges, HE has reminded me that HE created each of us for an important purpose. In the late summer of 2001, He made it possible to turn my life around.

I have found renewed excitement in living. My son, James, enjoy travel and planning events, together again. GOD has refreshed my creativity and desire to minister. I know, again, that there is a future which I can face. I enjoy life like never before, and look forward to sharing the gracious love of JESUS with all who will hear!!!

The Purpose
It is my desire to enjoy the refreshing love of GOD, and encourage others to do the same, while together we spread the Gospel  to the world!!!

The Plan
Stay Tuned. Projects are under way; but, if you want to see the big picture of my life, remember like yours,
It's Still Under Construction!!!!
Recent Travel Diary:
July  2008
Grace Fellowship
Mauriceville, TX

January -July 2008
Rock Church SE
Bible Teaching Series
Port Arthur, TX

December 2006-07
King of Kings Church
Middletown, NJ

Count Basie Theatre
Christmas Outreach
Red Bank, NJ

November 2005

River Of Life Church

Waretown, New Jersey

October 2005

Rock Church SE:

Port Arthur, Texas

September 2005

Rock Church SE:

Port Arthur, Texas

August 2005

Rock Church SE:

Port Arthur, Texas

Grace Community Church

Boynton Beach, Florida

July 2005

Iglesia Monte de Los Olives,

Lake Worth, Florida

Rock Church SE:

Port Arthur, Texas

Restaino Estate

Randolph, NJ

June 2005

Spanish Summer Praise Camp,

West Palm Beach, Florida

April 2005

Grace Community Church

Boynton Beach, Florida

January 2005

Grace Communiy Church
Boynton Beach, Florida


December 2004

Irvine Auditorium,

(Church of Christian Compassion);

U.Penn, Philadelphia,
TBN worldwide telecast

November 2004

Grace Community Church,

Boynton Beach, Florida

Community Caring Center,

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 2004

Rock Church SE:

Port Arthur, Texas

August 2004

Iglesia Restauracion Agape

Guadalajuara, Mexico

July 2004

Iglesia Monte de Los. Olives,

Boynton Beach, Florida
On the road in
Effingham, Illinois
for the Trumpet of
1st Corinthians 15:52
Sharing the Word
and Song in Florida
New York  Harbor
on September 11, 2001
I grew up and taught school in the region displayed in the adjacent photo until a few weeks before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The long smoke plume is from the
World Trade Center that very day. On September 16, I was able to deliver Bibles to rescue workers at Ground Zero. Within two months, I relocated to Florida. Though some friends and family may have viewed my trip as the final departure of a prodigal, in reality it was the beginning of an amazing breakthrough. GOD gave me the gifts of time off and time away. Soon I started fellowshipping at Grace Church. Ever since, my healing and ministry have been interwoven.
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