The MacLean Ceilidh Band
Ahh..The old days when we couldn't afford new cars
An ensemble which has entertained friends and fans of Scottish Music on both sides of the Atlantic for generations.

The MacLeans have banded together to perform at weddings, church socials, concerts, banquets and countless other events for several decades. The headliners of the band were Jimmy on accordian and Malcolm on drums. Their mother Mary on piano. Throughout the years other family members have participated as well, brothers Archie and Iain playing " the box" with sister Renie singing a song. In later years Jimmy's son, Ken played trumpet and keyboards.

Several good friends performed with the band, also. Billy Mair played piano starting in 1970, and Bobby Harvey launched his country fiddle career with us in Scotland years prior. Bobby Parker was a featured vocalist before his services with the Clan Donald Centre at Skye.
We did whatever it took to get to the  job on time.
Malcolm was much more than a virtuoso drummer. When he wasn't playing his  set,  he  was  often  found at the string bass, organ, accordian, organizing the Dashing White Sgt. or singing "Ye Canny Shove Your Granny Off The Bus.."
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